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articles > Empowerment Through Education or E-T-E Speech given by Herbie Eichel on Friday 11 May 2012.


Empowerment Through Education or E-T-E Speech given by Herbie Eichel on Friday 11 May 2012.


Empowerment Through Education or E-T-E Our Vision and Mission To promote quality education for children who would not otherwise have access to it. This engages children from pre-primary level to tertiary level at a technical college or university. Nelson Mandela is often quoted, but it cannot be emphasized enough: Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. My family and I were honoured with a private audience at his residence for the implementation of exactly these words, and every time I speak for our children, I carry a little “Nelson Mandela” in me. It was the partnership between Rotary, Valley Development Projects, the NGO who administers both Pre-Primary Schools, Masakhane and Green Curtains with Lynne Lamb at the helm and myself, which laid the Essential Foundation to ETE’s success with the establishment of 2 Pre-Primary Schools, educating 250 children, 8 years ago. The importance of early childhood development has become the flavour of the month. It is on the news daily – world-wide. For the right reasons so. But just to be the flavour of the month is not good enough – it needs to be implemented and practised. This is what we did. The next level - Primary School 2 years ago we have successfully entered the next level by sending our first 6 children to Sunvalley Primary School, 3 from Masakhane in Masiphumelele and 3 from Green Curtains in Ocean View. Today we have 14 children in Sunvalley Primary and 2 Children in Paul Greyling Primary School with a yearly cost of close to R250.000. However ETE stands for more than education ETE also stands for Education + Community Development We indeed change communities. Why ete is more than education! Research has shown that a good educational grounding combined with the experiences gained from a person’s environment, opportunities and exposure, are directly proportional to the future potential and success of an individual. This is why the chance of a child, even relatively well educated, but trapped in a township or ghetto with limited resources, to become a successful, equal opportunity adult, is relative low. This valley, the Fish Hoek – Noordhoek – Kommetje Valley with the townships of Masiphumelele and Ocean View, and its balanced cultural diversity, is perfectly suited for a culturally integrated education. Our route in choosing cultural integration lifts ETE’s Program beyond education onto a level of real community development. The benefit of this approach is carried into the township every day. Therefore ETE also stands for a socio-economic engagement changing destitute communities from inside out. This is Empowerment at its best. Personally, I am convinced that we will see some great young adults and leaders emanating from our children over the years. We hope we can send many more children to the best schools of the country allowing them to live their dreams and in return inspire us to help them change the world. Education is not a choice, but an essential ingredient in a healthy society. And in conclusion a message to our sponsor today. Dear Metropolitan Foundation and its Representatives: No doubt, this will be the best investment you ever made!

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